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We offer complete digital marketing solutions that focus on meeting you specific objectives. In addition to helping you develop a winning marketing strategy we provide the following services: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Advertising, Content Development, Social Media Strategy and Implementation, Analytics, Research and Web Design.


Marketing Strategy

Marketing is critical to the growth of your business but without a defined objective, the results can be disappointing. We work with you to develop a customized marketing strategy that ensures that all of your marketing efforts are working together in concert. We then create a comprehensive marketing plan that maps out the steps needed to achieve your objectives. The planning that we do upfront helps to promote the success of your business.

Internet Marketing

The internet offers tremendous marketing opportunities for promoting your business and increasing sales. We help you determine the best digital marketing channels that may include pay-per-click and other advertising, social media marketing, keyword development and email marketing. An effective internet strategy can improve your exposure and increase traffic to your site and overall business.


Maximizing site traffic is a primary objective for websites and blogs. Through the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques we influence how search engines experience your website and improve your website's ranking within the search engines. This results in increased traffic since more users are able to find your website in their searches.

Content Development

Having great content on your website, blog, advertising or marketing materials is important for the success of your business. Writing for your website or blog has become more complex since the content must be compelling, promote marketing objectives and be optimized for search engines - all at the same time. We are experts at writing content for today's demanding requirements.

Website Design

We design custom websites, e-commerce sites and blogs that allow you to present a unique and positive image, consistent with your brand. We can also develop and manage the content of your website or blog. Our websites are developed from a marketing perspective to draw traffic to your site and produce results.

Research & Analytics

Web analytics provide great insight on website performance but only if the data can be properly interpreted. We offer analytics services to monitor your site and analyze data. We provide meaningful reports and suggestions that can help improve your marketing approach and make your website more effective. We also offer research services that include competitive and market research, content development research and customer feedback information.

One-Stop Internet Marketing To Help Grow Your Business

Marketing Strategy / Internet Marketing / SEO / Advertising / Social Media / Analytics / Content Development / Web Design

Global Meridian provides a wide range of internet marketing services to get you on track to achieve greater success. We are experienced in developing exciting marketing strategies and in implementing them to achieve results.

Best of all, we handle all aspects of digital marketing so you have the convenience of dealing with one company for all of your needs and can feel confident that all aspects of your digital marketing approach are being properly addressed.

We work closely with our clients to provide for their specific needs and provide comprehensive solutions, superior support and creative approaches.

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Benefits of Our Marketing Services

  1. We can develop comprehensive marketing solutions or work on specific projects, whichever fits best with your requirements
  2. Our background combines marketing expertise, creative talent and technological proficiency into one package
  3. We provide custom solutions tailored to address your specific needs
  4. We offer a complete range of internet marketing services
  5. We listen carefully to our clients to understand their requirements and deliver on their expectations

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