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Website Analytics and Data Analysis

Use Web Analytics To Build Better Websites and Improve Your Marketing Approach

Analytics involves gathering data about your website, social media and advertising and interpreting the information to gain insight about performance, trends and actions. This information is used to recognize successful approaches, identify problem areas and adjust strategies to be more effective. When used properly, the data about your online presence is invaluable in improving your marketing approach, driving more traffic to your site and increasing conversions and sale.


Web Analytics Data Sources

There are many sources that can provide data about your website and marketing activities. Some of these sources require payment while others are completely free such as Google Analytics. It is important to constantly monitor data about the activity on your website, social media platforms and advertising in order to evaluate performance and make necessary changes. We can help you make use of this data to improve your digital marketing approach.

Making Sense of The Data

While it's fairly easy to collect data about your website, advertising and social media, the information is somewhat meaningless on its own. It needs to be analyzed and interpreted to gain an understanding of what is working well and what needs to be improved. The interpretation requires in-depth knowledge of analytics systems and data types along with top analytic skills and years of experience.

We help clients install analytics tools, review information about website performance and translate the data so our clients can make smart decisions and maximize their online potential.

Our Approach:

  1. Set up analytics
    The first step of the process involves setting up analytics tools to begin gathering data. If you are already using analytics solutions, we make sure that it's set up properly.
  2. Data Collection and Review
    Data is collected and then reviewed in its most basic form.
  3. Analyze Data
    The data is transformed into metrics and processed into information that will give more a meaningful assessment about performance, trends and patterns.
  4. Interpret Results
    We carefully analyze and decipher the data to provide insight on which areas are working well and those that require improvement.
  5. Changes To Online Strategy
    After interpreting that data we propose strategy revisions and action items that need to be addressed.

Doing Your Own Analytics

Some companies try to do their own analytics. While they are able to gain some knowledge about their website or social media performance, they are often overwhelmed by the amount of information. This can lead to focusing too much on non-critical information and ignoring other more important data. But the real problem is that they often lack the experience to tie all the data together and understand what it means and what changes need to be made. This can translate into missed opportunities or pursuing faulty strategies.

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