Marketing Research

Developing a great marketing strategy requires some level of research. It's difficult to make important decisions about your business without having good information on which to base these decisions. Global Meridian simplifies the process by providing expert research services through highly qualified research specialists.

Research for Marketing Plans

Every marketing plan must be built on a foundation of good marketing research. It is critical to examine key information before developing a marketing plan so that the plan can effectively produce results. We help companies conduct research on markets, trends and market outlook. We also help analyze the level of competition, provide information about new technologies that can impact your business and research a wide variety of other factors that can effect your business.

New Business Ventures

It begins with an idea, a concept or a hunch. The next step is to do research to determine the viability of the business concept. By conducting thorough market research you will get a better indication of whether the business is worthwhile. You also gain unique insight into potential obstacles and pitfalls that may arise so you can develop approaches to counteract them.

Business Expansion

Companies often look to expand their product or service offering. Many businesses even create new divisions, subsidiaries and joint ventures. Successful expansion begins with great research and thorough planning. Global Meridian can assist you in gathering the vital information that you need in order to make informed decisions.

Research Approach

We will develop the research approach that best addresses your specific needs. We use a variety of research materials including online and offline resources, advanced databases, media articles, publications, government statistics and a host of other sources.

Analysis and documentation

In addition to our research, we can analyze the findings and provide you with a comprehensive, yet easy to read, report that summarizes our research. We also provide references and offer more detailed information when necessary.