Support For New Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Starting or Purchasing a Business

The process of starting a new business or purchasing an existing company can be difficult, stressful and a little scary. There's no need to worry. Global Meridian offers a host of services specifically designed for new business owners.

Or perhaps you already started your new venture or bought a business and are now feeling the demands and pressure of running your business. We can help make the job easier.

The following are some of the support services that we provide to entrepreneurs:

Web Design

If you are starting a new business you will need a website.  If you are purchasing an existing business you may need to redesign your website.  We can provide you with a great looking website that provides the marketing power that you need.   >> More about web design

Marketing and Business Analysis

A thorough analysis should be conducted to assess the marketing and growth potential of your new business. By doing this you can better assess the value of your business and plot a path to success.

Marketing Strategy

Global Meridian can help you develop an effective marketing strategy that combines online and offline marketing programs. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and objectives in order to create a strategy to propel you towards success.

Set Up for Startups

Setting up a business requires many decisions and a lot of research that can be overwhelming and time consuming. Some of the items that need to determined are business structure, business name, domain name, professional relationships, insurance needs, marketing materials, phone systems, launch strategies and employee matters. Our experience in working with startups can be a great asset in setting up your business and making these crucial decisions.

Corporate Identity and Literature

Your new business will need a professional logo, business cards, letterhead that is consistent with the image that you wish to portray. We provide a full range of graphic design services that includes logos, brochures, catalogs, letterhead, packaging, data sheets and business cards.


A solid business and marketing plan is critical to your venture's success. It provides a roadmap for growing your company and helps to keep management focused and on schedule. If you plan to raise money through private investors or venture capital then you will need to develop an impressive plan that wins the confidence of your prospective investors.


Global Meridian offers entrepreneurs coaching services that provide support, guidance and training. We identify your specific objectives and develop a coaching program to help achieve those goals.