Business Coaching

What is coaching?

The term coaching refers to a relationship in which a coach helps a client achieve specific goals by asking proper questions and inspiring the client to find solutions and take action. Typically, a coach will not offer the client advice. In addition to providing conventional coaching services, Global Meridian also offers clients a combination of coaching and consulting in which clients receive advice and focused guidance in order to realize their objectives.

How can coaching help?

Clients benefit from one-on-one attention, focused guidance, continuous motivation and accountability that can help clients achieve amazing results.

Executive Coaching

We work with executives and managers to help them improve management skills, develop strategies, expand productivity and achieve their business objectives.

Entrepreneurial Coaching

Entrepreneurs have an overwhelming task of setting up and operating their businesses and are responsible for many different jobs often without a network of support and advice. Global Meridian can help entrepreneurs manage this difficult task by providing guidance, support and training. We work closely with our clients to identify their specific needs and develop programs that facilitate the realization of their objectives.

Sales Coaching

Sales professionals and sales managers can benefit from personalized attention that helps enhance their sales skills and negotiating abilities. We motivate our clients to achieve results while helping them develop client retention strategies and account management approaches.